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MKT 320 Unit 2 DB - Lorraine Huff Unit 2 Discussion Board...

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Lorraine Huff Unit 2 Discussion Board September 3, 2010 There are more women playing guitar in today’s society than ever before. In the past women have been forced to play instruments that were made by men, for men. The bulkiness of a standard acoustic guitar can hinder the ability for women to play due to generally smaller hands and arm length. Swiftbrush Acoustic guitars are the answer to many women’s problem. The style and size of the Swiftbrush will act as a magnet to women who wish to improve their ability to play the guitar. Not only does the Swiftbrush comply to the needs of women everywhere, they also have a sleek and distinctly identified style of artistic detail crafted on every guitar. There are several designs to choose from. A couple of examples for the designer guitars are a butterfly collection or the popular “girly” skull motif. The perfect spokesperson for the guitar is Taylor Swift, for whom the guitars are named.
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