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Bin bin The_way_I_am_seeing[1] - The Way I Am Seeing When I...

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The Way I Am Seeing When I was walking around the Art Museum, deciding which painting I should choose due to my lack of Art background, I was suddenly attracted to a large painting. This painting is neither about a person nor an event; it is a view of landscape. It describes a very normal scene, not very special. I still cannot explain why I fell in love with this painting at first sight. Maybe it was an emotion, a feeling and a similar experience. The painting is simple: a meandering lane surrounded by trees under a cloudy sky. The hue is soft and comfortable which brought me peace and warmth. It subtly reminded me of when I was a teenager. I recognized the lane as the same lane I have been walking on throughout my life- as a girl, teenager and finally, adult. During this period of time, I focused on playing with my friends instead of concerning myself with complicated thoughts. I smiled happily while I was sitting there, staring at this painting, because this was the happiest time of my life. However, the most beautiful point in the painting I considered is the twilight at the end of the road. The dim orange twilight lights up the whole painting, blending in hope and radiance. It also drives me to walk to the end of the lane to see what is there under the twilight. In addition to this strong sense of curiosity, I was impressed because I felt moved when I was in front of the painting. It told me that I can still find a place to hide and recognize myself in, even in such a crowded world. Although desbrosses painted the painting, Soleil couchant, in France in 1860, it still remains and brings me strength today. It has often been said, “A picture can paint thousand words.” I would have to disagree. In
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Bin bin The_way_I_am_seeing[1] - The Way I Am Seeing When I...

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