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Writing Log 3 - The situation results in the displacement...

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Writing Log 3 Richard Niolon discusses major types of defenses and potential influences of continuing usage of defense mechanism on his website page "defenses". He explains the following specific defense giving definition along with concrete examples:displacement, sublimation, projection, rationalization, fantasy, intellectualization, denial, repression/suppression, withdrawal, and reaction- formation. He lists the defense mechanisms according to their degree of severeness, and arrange similar ones based on their relevance. For example, Richard defines the most common defense mechanism, displacement, at the begining: to place unpleasant feelings "somewhere other than where they belong" (Niolon, "Defenses"), and demonstrates it by example of an employer redirecting his anger from his boss towards his friends and family. Arguing with his boss could cost the the lose of his job, but the employer also worries that he cannot endure the anger for a long time.
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Unformatted text preview: The situation results in the displacement of negative emotions to safer targets, i.e., friends and family. Consecutively he introduces sublimation, which he views as a more mature form of displacement--shifting emotion onto constructive events such as painting, football, boxing, dancing. He mentions the most serious defense as the last one: reaction-formation: "When we have a reaction that is too painful or threatening to feel, we turn it into the opposite That way, we aren't threatened by the feeling, or even the awareness of the feeling." (Niolon) In the end Richard reminds his readers the negative influences of overusing defense mechanism:it may cause bigger problems, blind us from our real emotions, and reduces our ability of handling emotional difficulties. Works Cited Niolon, Richard. Defenses. Psychpage. Nov 23 rd ,2010. Web....
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Writing Log 3 - The situation results in the displacement...

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