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Writing Assignment 3 Final - Final Draft Xu 1 Yue Xu...

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Final Draft Xu 1 Yue Xu Margaret E. Haun, Ph.D. English 105 U1 15 February 2010 Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”: Cowardice of the People Human sacrifice has been in existence from the very beginning of human civilization until today. In ancient times, our ancestors sacrificed a beautiful teenage girl or a pure boy to beg for harvest after the miserable natural catastrophes like flood, drought and fire befell and destroyed their fruit. Fear and revere predominated over intelligence on them, made them admit their powerlessness and sacrifice humans to gain a psychological relief. The sacrifice ritual somehow survived through human civilization and industrialization. As Shirley Jackson describes in her short story, “The Lottery”--villagers in a remote England town still stone the winner of a lottery annually as a human sacrifice. Why, in the society the villagers live in, would they continue such a cruel ritual when they have grasped more knowledge about agriculture and no longer in fear of the mysterious natural disasters? I attribute this contiuation to the villagers' inner fear and cowardice of challenging the majority. Some people may think that the villagers respect their ancestors and put value on the traditions, or criticize them for stubbornly sticking onto backward world values and refusing to accept new notions. I would disagree on these opinions because the villagers don't act
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Writing Assignment 3 Final - Final Draft Xu 1 Yue Xu...

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