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English 105 University of Miami Spring 2010 Instructor: Margaret E. Haun, Ph.D. Office Hours: TR 7:45- 8:45P Office: Phone: 305-205-8823 (use it!) Email: ellyn007@gmail.com Blog: www.margarethaun.blogspot.com Twitter: ellyn32 Required Texts Miller, Richard E. and Kurt Spellmeyer. The New Humanities Reader 3 rd ed. New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2009. Dictionary: a college level hard or soft cover that can be brought to class, or an online dictionary accessible in class via iPhone, Blackberry, iTouch, etc. The URLs for additional readings will be posted on class website and on my blog: margarethaun.blogspot.com. Course Description This course introduces students to college-level reading, writing, and thinking. The class provides students with a small-scale version of the larger discourse community they have joined, one that values critical thinking and fosters an understanding of the ways in which ideas are constructed and expressed. Students work on a sequence of writing assignments that enable them to exercise habits of mind and methods of inquiry that yield sophisticated questions and significant answers. Classroom work is oriented toward the
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students' own process of writing. They learn ways to improve their work and provide constructive feedback on that of others. Instructors in Eng. 105 often ask students to freewrite, keep reading response journals, blog, or chat online using the Blackboard course management system, as well as to produce polished, formal papers--all with the goal of helping them develop and organize complex ideas, and gain awareness of how to address various audiences for various purposes. The organization of this course is sequential as well as cumulative. Each single writing assignment is designed to give you a reason to return to the works you have read and written, to re-visit and reconsider them in relation to what you know and what you are learning. Your writing is a way of seeing a problem, working through an issue, and is intended to become a tool for thinking. The sequence structures an extended academic project and represents a layering of what you are learning and questioning, evaluating, and creating. Expected 105 Outcomes  (developed by the University of Miami Composition Program) Assumptions: You will read and think about complex texts; you will talk about writing,  including your own, in class; you will engage in revision and learn to view writing as a 
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105syllhaunfinal - English 105 University of Miami Spring...

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