coursereading-writing - March 8 In-class draft review...

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Week Reading/Topics Covered Writing UM Calendar/Notes January 18th Introduction to Course/Interviews Writing strategies In-class presentations From The NYT: Stanley Fish on writing Tannen intro: Haun Notes from interview Short graded writing assignment due Thursday January 25th NHR : Tannen, 676-89; 689-703 MLA Refresher Paper 1 assigned February 1st In-class review of papers: peer and instructor Paper 1 draft due Thursday Feb. 3rd: Last day to drop with a “W.” February 8th In-class review of papers, cont’d. Paper presentations Paper 1 due Thursday February 15th NHR : Krakauer, 343-64 Paper presentations, cont’d. Proposal format Assign paper 2 proposal February 22 Conferences re: proposal Proposal presentations From Outliers : Gladwell on10,000 hours Paper 2 proposal due Thursday March 1 In-class peer review of drafts Paper 2 draft due Thursday
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Unformatted text preview: March 8 In-class draft review contd. Paper presentations (contd. on 3/23) Paper 2 due Thursday March 15 SPRING RECESS March 13-21-------------------March 22 NHR : Luhrmann, 392-402; 402-12 Paper 2 presentations, contd. Luhrmann paper--Metakinesis (Paper #3) assigned March 29 Draft 1, Luhrmann Draft 2, Luhrmann April 5 Draft 3, Luhrmann Paper 3 due April 2 nd Last day to Prep for Reading Lolita . . . drop a course April 12 Reading Lolita in Tehran, NHR: 416-437 Persepolis intro. and view film April 19 Finish Persepolis Discuss In-class essay: Reading Lolita and Persepolis April 26 Concluding issues, end of term details Return essays Return essays Distribute final exam assignment Classes end April 30 th Finals: May 5-12...
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coursereading-writing - March 8 In-class draft review...

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