intro paper - Not only does Lucian like reading about the...

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Rachel Fuxa Professor Margaret Haun English 105 21 January 2010 Introduction Paper Lucian was born and raised in China, but currently resides in Stanford Residential College on campus. He is in his first semester at the University of Miami and is studying to be a finance major. He is finding that schooling in America is quite different than it was back in China. The weather can be a little too warm at times, the dining hall is not good and the bathrooms are too small for that many people, but one benefit he does enjoy are the shuttle buses that can take you both on and off campus. In his free time, Lucian enjoys many activities that are both physically and intellectually demanding. He likes to participate in a lot of individual sports such as running, swimming, scuba diving and badminton. When he is not busy participating in sports, he likes to read magazines such as Chip, an IT magazine, vampire books, or his favorite book, The Great Game which is all about the history of Wall Street.
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Unformatted text preview: Not only does Lucian like reading about the business world but he likes to participate in it as well. In high school he was in charge of his school’s television station and enjoyed tutoring for the station as well as tutoring for computer programming. He gets his business drive from strong family connections to the business world. His father works in business and his mother is a banker, but it wasn’t always this way. He says that business changed his family and his life for the better. It brought him and his family a lot more money and a lot more opportunities. Because of their successful business Lucian has had the liberty to travel to many places including all over China, Europe, America, and Australia. One of his fondest memories of travelling includes climbing a mountain in China, which he said was a great challenge. And although Lucian seems to always be busy with something, you can find this kind, easy-going person napping every chance that he gets....
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intro paper - Not only does Lucian like reading about the...

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