First Paper 3rd draft

First Paper 3rd draft - Third Draft Xu Yue Xu Margaret E....

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Third Draft Xu Yue Xu Margaret E. Haun, Ph.D. English 105 U1 1 February 2010 Using Dialogue Instead of Argument In her article, “The Roots of Debate in Education and the Hope of Dialogue,” Deborah Tannen explores the topic of argument. The culture of criticism has existed since the time of the ancient Greeks and still has a great influence on the modern western world. It is a legacy of the agonistic heritage. Now this culture is widely accepted by society and a debate format is easy for instructors to use in education. According to Tannen, an adversarial approach to learning and life is, in fact, destructive. It is an obstacle in the path to truth and may be a disadvantage to society since there is not only right and wrong in this world. The truth is usually more complicated. If one is eager to win the argument, that will limit the depth of thinking people do. Debating is not always the best choice, and the thirst for success will even change a person’s real thought because of this culture. It time for people to use dialogue to take the place of argument. One reason the debate format is so widely used is that it is so easy to set up. In high school, it is easy for teachers to judge students’ participation in the form of how much noise they make and excitement they have. However the truth that a lot of teachers have not noticed is that the students are not focusing on the connotation of the debate and they state their idea in a really unreasonable way. They often use examples with no rationality to prove they are right and their opponents are totally wrong. The students’ only purpose is to win,
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First Paper 3rd draft - Third Draft Xu Yue Xu Margaret E....

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