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Reading Lolita in Tehran As I was reading the story Lolita in Tehran I found the book more and more interesting. The story takes place in a physical location in Tehran. Nafisi describes and uses the scenes of her homeland in many situations to reinforce some of her major ideas/themes of the book. The major idea that I saw throughout the story was the way she described Tehran and the role of women in the city. Men had many more advantages; even walking through the streets was a task for women. The role of women in the story is basically what makes up the whole story and the scenes that they are in help to describe the treatment they receive from everyone else. The main scene is in her home with her students that were made of mostly women from the University. It was to be a big secret for the outside world to never find out. The outside world was completely different from inside that living room. While the girls were in school they were being penalized for running up the stairs when they were late for classes, for laughing in the hallways, or for talking to members of the opposite sex (Nafisi, 9). This unfair treatment was all forgotten about when they went
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