Third Paper 0th draft

Third Paper 0th draft - Yue Xu Margaret E. Haun English 105...

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Yue Xu Margaret E. Haun English 105 U1 March 30, 2010 In Tanya Lurhmann’s essay titled “Metakinesis”, she discuss about forces that enable the establishment of an intimate relationship with God in the evangelical community. This article describes the learning process through which evangelical congregants come to use the Bible, specific language, spiritual experiences and bodily experiences in particular ways. Through this process, evangelical congregants build remarkably intimate relationships with God. She also investigates the reason why evangelical memberships explode in the last 30 or 40 years. attribute the evangelical explosion In her study of an Evangelical Christian community, Luhrmann (2004) also describes how members come to feel the connection is with God. She identified the means by which members learn to have an intimate relationship with God: cognitive/linguistic knowledge, metakinesis and relational practice. Cognitive/linguistic refers to learning specific words, phrases, and concepts used to talk about one's relationship with God. For example, she use the phrase “to walk with God,” meaning to learn to develop a relationship with God and to manage everyday challenges: temptation, frustration, disappointment. (398). One can learn the meanings of these words by reading the
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Third Paper 0th draft - Yue Xu Margaret E. Haun English 105...

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