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INTERNATIONAL LAW (CHAPTER 47) I) Export and Import Controls A) Export Controls 1) Export Administration Act (Office of Export Administration) (a) Commodity Control List – lists and limits what goods can be exported (i) Rexportation is also illegal if the goods are restricted by the list (b) General License – a blanket license that has been issued that covers a whole group/type of transaction (c) Validated License – a license covering a specific transaction (i) Only needed if there isn’t a general license B) Import Controls 1) Tariff – a protective tax
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Unformatted text preview: (a) The primary purpose of a tariff is to protect domestic industry II) Jurisdiction over Foreign governments A) Act of State Doctrine and Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity 1) General Rule – a foreign government is immune from suit in the US (a) Exception: (i) Public Activities vs. Commercial Activities (A)Public Activities – activities that only a government can engage in (tax). The government can’t be sued. (B) Commercial Activities – commercial transactions. The government can be sued....
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