Classroom Conduct Policy


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Unformatted text preview: CLASSROOM CONDUCT POLICY* SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The following are policies students should assume are in force in the School of Business Administration courses, unless their instructors explicitly establish alternate policies. Laptops, Cell Phones, Smartphones, PDAs and Other Electronic Devices (such as recording equipment) may not be used during class except at the express discretion of the instructor. Attendance Each student is required to attend every class and attendance will be part of the grade. Faculty will excuse absences only in cases of documented serious illness, religious observance, civic obligation or participation in an activity approved by the Academic Deans Policy Council. Otherwise your attendance is expected. If you will miss class for religious observance or a civic obligation, you must inform your instructor at least one week in advance. Any other absences such as absences for work related travel, or family emergency may be excused at the discretion of the faculty upon receiving supporting documentation. It is the student’s responsibility to contact thediscretion of the faculty upon receiving supporting documentation....
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