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IEN 312 Feb. 15, 2011 Quiz 1 Name: Eight independent measurements are taken of the diameter of a piston. The measurements (in inches) are: 3.236, 3.223, 3.242, 3.244, 3.228, 3.253, 3.253, 3.230 The sample mean is 3.238625 and the sample standard deviation is 0.011287635. Assume that these measurements come from a normal distribution with an unknown population mean
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Unformatted text preview: . (a) Construct a 95% confidence interval for by using a Student T statistic. (b) Test the hypothesis 225 . 3 : = H versus 225 . 3 : 1 H at a 05 . = significance level. (c) State the relationship between confidence interval and hypothesis testing by referring to your answers to (a) and (b)....
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