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Exam Prep 1_IEN311_Fall2010_updated - Review Materials for...

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Review Materials for Mid-Exam 1 Exam Date: In-class Monday, October 4, 2010 Exam Rules: 1. Try NOT to sit close to your friends in the classroom; 2. You can use a calculator, but you cannot use any advanced functions such as integration functions; 3. You can bring a half-page cheat sheet ( half page of one side of a letter size paper) 4. The exam will take place in the same classroom. Please try to be in the classroom a few minutes earlier; 5. Try to write down all the steps so that in case your final answer is incorrect, I can give you partial credit; however, I DO NOT negotiate partial credits with anyone; 6. When I say the exam is over, please submit your exam paper immediately . Preparation Please make sure to go over all the lecture notes , homework assignments and quizzes . Go over the sample exam if you want to get familiar with the exam format. Materials that we covered so far Chapter 1: Histogram, location measures (mean and median), dispersion measure (sample variance, sample standard deviation) Chapter 2: Basic concepts (e.g., probability, outcome, sample space, event space, union, intersection, complement) and some relevant theorems Counting methods (permutation, combination, sampling with replacement), using counting
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This note was uploaded on 01/19/2012 for the course IEN 311 taught by Professor Qiu during the Spring '11 term at University of Miami.

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Exam Prep 1_IEN311_Fall2010_updated - Review Materials for...

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