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IEN311: Applied Statistical Methods Sections D/D1, Fall Semester 2010 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:15-12:05am MM 201 ________________________________________________________________________ Learning Objectives 1. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of probability in order to be able to frame and solve problems in science and engineering that involve probabilistic concepts; 2. Students will be able to use basic statistical methods to make statistical inferences based on sampled data; 3. Students will demonstrate effectiveness in using statistical software for data analysis. Course Description This course is an introduction to engineering statistics and its applications. The topics covered include: descriptive statistics, basic probability and distribution theory, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, simple linear regression and correlation. Examples are drawn from various disciplines. This course is co-listed as MAS 311. Instructor
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IEN311_Syllabus_Fall2010_D - IEN311: Applied Statistical...

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