GM Unit 1 IP - 1 Lorraine Huff American Intercontinental...

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1 Lorraine Huff American Intercontinental University MGT485-1005B-16 Global Strategic Management Project Type: Unit 1 Individual Project January 19, 2011
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2 Visa Inc. is a global payments company which extends services and products to banks and other financial institutions to offer to their customers in the forms of credit, debit, prepaid and cash-access programs. Their corporate motto is, “as a global corporate citizen, we recognize our responsibility to maintain the highest possible ethical and professional standards wherever we operate. Likewise, we are committed to working with partners who share our principles and values. Our sense of responsibility also extends to the world around us, as we work to understand the impact of our business on the environment.” The Nilson Report, which has been the top publication that covers payment systems, reported that Visa held a 60.7% of the debit card marketplace and 38.3% market share of the credit card marketplace in the United States making it the biggest card company by market share. Its sheer size, and the fact that is has only three major competitors, is the corporation’s largest problem. The large size of the corporation can increase the risk of error and costly mistakes. Also, the larger a company is the more attacks it will face. For example, in 2010, Visa reached settlements in two separate antitrust cases with the U.S. Justice Department and the European Union. The issue was over interchange fees, which
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GM Unit 1 IP - 1 Lorraine Huff American Intercontinental...

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