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GM Unit 4 DB Lorraine Huff Technology has impacted every aspect of business from the way businesses communicate with each other and their customer base to the way payment in tendered. In the past, communication was limited to telephone calls or “snail mail”. With the technological advances in today’s society, business owners can contact their consumers in seconds and have answers to any and all issues they might have in seconds more. With a few swift strokes of the keyboard, issues that may have taken weeks to resolve in the past are considered minor and easily resolved. Another way that technology has helped businesses is to incorporate a global cliental instead of strictly local ones. Goods and services can now be posted at an online store which allows customers from all over the world access to the business. Technology has also changed the way the businesses receives payments for their goods and services. Writing checks has become almost obsolete in today’s technological society. Debit
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Unformatted text preview: and credit cards allow customers to pay for the things they need from the company without the hassle of being there in person to hand them cash or write a personal check. The customer simply swipes the card, or types in the information from the card to make a purchase. Not only is it easier for the cliental of these businesses, it has become much more efficient for the businesses themselves. Outsourcing has become a mainstay of the business environment. Companies will choose to hire other companies to handle customer service or call centers for a fraction of the cost it would take to employ individuals through their own company. These call centers will have toll free numbers to places overseas which will handle all customer needs and allow the business to improve the quality of their services. References Hunger, & Wheelen. (2007). Essentials of Strategic Management 4th Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall....
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