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MAE 142 Homework Set #3 (Winter 2011) Problem 1 (10 pts) Develop a state-space model for the van der Pol oscillator. ¨ y − 1 y 2  ˙ y y = 0 = constant Define your state vector such that: x 1 = y t x 2 = ˙ y t Problem 2 (20 pts) Compare the roll rate (p) and bank angle (phi) time response of the F-16 airplane to the F-4 airplane. F-4: repeat the class lecture example to create the roll rate and bank angle time history plots for a 10 deg aileron doublet. F-16: use the provided F-16 model to simulate the airplane response with the same 10 deg aileron doublet, while beginning
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Unformatted text preview: from the following level-flight condition: altitude = 35,000 ft, airspeed = 850 ft/s, angle-of-attack = 1.88 deg, elevator = -1.78 deg, and thrust = 1600 lb. Problem 3 (10 pts) Find a linear model for the AUV. The control variables (u vector) include buoyancy, thrust, and all four tail fin deflections. Assume a level-flight equilibrium condition with speed = 1.5 m/s, depth = 50 m, buoyancy = 184.5 N, angle-of-attack = -1.06 deg, thrust = 8.2 N, fin_left = 4.3 deg, fin_right = 0.8 deg....
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