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no need print W2-Elements of Business Plan

no need print W2-Elements of Business Plan - TR2201...

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Unformatted text preview: TR2201 Entrepreneurial Marketing KWOK Ying Yao [email protected] CHAPTER 3 Elements of the Business Plan The Major Sections Executive Summary Company Information Products & Services Market Analysis Strategy & Implementation Management Financial Plan Appendices & Tables Executive Summary High Level Summary Products Customers Management Etc. Highlights Vision / Mission Goals & Objectives Key to Success Company Information Company History / Background Ownership Locations & Facilities Start-up Summary (including Funding) Products & Services Products & Services Description Comparison with Competitors / Existing Technology Sourcing Fulfillment Future Products Market Analysis Industry Analysis (pest) Target Market Analysis (Needs, Trends, Growth) *Service Business Analysis SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Market Segmentation Competition (who are your competitors etc, 5 forces) Customer Buying Behavior (survey statistics) Strategy & Implementation Marketing Strategy (marketing mix) Branding / Positioning / USP Pricing Promotion Distribution Sales / Channel Programs Sales Forecast Sales Strategy Alliances Milestones Management Summary Organizational Structure Management Team Management Team Gaps (if any) Personal Financial Plan Assumptions Key Financial Indicators Break-even Analysis Profit & Loss Cash Flow Balance Sheet Other Financial Ratios Appendices & Tables Sources of Information Explanations Calculations Working Drawings Etc... ...
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