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Directions: Go to the UF student observatory on a clear Friday night. Look at three astronomical objects through the telescope and then fll out three copies o± this ±orm, one ±or each object. Please don't fll out the ±orms while you are actually at the observatory but rather do this in the com±ort o± your own home a±ter you return. Staple the 3 ±orms together. Don ʼ t ±orget to have an observatory sta±± member give you a token, which you should attach to the frst ±orm. Remember to get the ±ull amount o± credit available (5%) you must describe and sketch three objects.
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Unformatted text preview: Student Name: Observation Date & Time: Object Name: Type of Object: Distance to Object: 1. Sketch Object From Memory Above 2. Describe what you saw in the telescope (attach on a separate typed page if you prefer): 3. Explain the nature and astronomical signi±cance of the object you observed. You should look this information up and give references (attach on a separate typed page if you prefer): 4. Any other comments about your observing experience and/or the object you viewed (attach on a separate typed page if you prefer): TELESCOPE OBSERVING FORM - AST1002 - Prof. Tan...
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