syllabus1002 - AST 1002: Discovering the Universe Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: AST 1002: Discovering the Universe Spring 2012 Information and Syllabus Dr. Reba M. Bandyopadhyay Email: Class Period 7: MWF 1:55-2:45 PM Phone: 352-294-1846 Office Hours: M 3:15-4:30 PM Office: Bryant 316 (or MWF afternoons by appointment only ) Course web page: reba/ Click on AST1002 under Links on lower left hand side of page. Textbook - Required: The Essential Cosmic Perspective, 6th Edition- Bennett, Donahue, Schneider, & Voit; with Mastering Astronomy . Access to the online Mastering Astronomy content is required . New copies of the hardcopy or electronic versions of the textbook should come with an access code for the online Mastering Astron- omy content. If you buy a used copy of the textbook, an access code to Mastering Astronomy can be purchased seperately. Course Description: This course presents a comprehensive introduction to modern astronomy and our Universe. The scope of this course is sweeping, starting with the basics of astronomical physics and then expanding ever outward from our solar system through the Milky Way Galaxy, to the most distant galaxies and finally to the origins of our Universe. You will be introduced to the objects and forces that comprise the known Universe, the tools and techniques we use to learn about our Universe and its contents, and the underlying physical concepts which help us to understand the cosmos and our place within it. Course Objectives: 1. To introduce students to modern astronomy, including the contents of our Universe, the basic physics and processes governing the evolution of the Universe and the objects within it, and the tools and tech- niques used to observe the Universe and derive our understanding of it. 2. To provide students with a grounding in the scientific method, the modes of scientific inquiry, and an introduction to scientific reasoning and thought. The ability to critically assess information and to use factual data and clear reasoning to evaluate hypotheses and assertions are essential skills in any career and in life generally. 3. To improve scientific literacy so that students are better equipped to understand science and techni- cal developments and advances in our technological age. Grading Policy: See for general UF grading policies. For this class, your final grade will be derived as follows: 30% Homework - total 9 assignments 45% In-class exams - 3 in-class exams each worth 15% of final grade 25% Final Exam Grading Scale: A = 92-100 B- = 79-81 D+ = 66-68 A- = 89-91 C+ = 76-78 D = 62-65 B+ = 86-88 C = 72-75 D- = 59-61 B = 82-85 C- = 69-71 E = 0-58 1 Your actual final grade will be no lower than on this scale, which may be curved based on the overall...
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syllabus1002 - AST 1002: Discovering the Universe Spring...

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