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Discover the Universe AST1002 Section 5008 Fall 2009 Instructor: Prof. Jonathan Tan office: 302 Bryant; tel. 352 392-2052 ext 254 email: jt @ office hours: Thursdays 1.40pm-2.40pm or by appointment Teaching Assistants: (office hours in discussion sections) Benjamin Nelson (benelson @ Office: 309 Bryant; tel. 352 392-2052 ext 253 Stefan O’Dougherty ([email protected]) Class Web site: /~jt/teaching/ast1002/index.html Lecture time and place: Tuesdays: 11:45am-1:40pm (periods 5 & 6); Thursdays: 12:50pm-1:40pm (period 6) in Pugh 170 Discussion sections: Regular discussion sections will take place in Room 3, Bryant Space Sciences Building (BRT). The schedule of these discussion sections will be announced in class and posted on the class website. Concepts and ideas covered in the lectures will be discussed in more detail, and with greater opportunity for questions from students. Some guidance will be provided for homework questions, although solutions will not be given out before the homework is due. Students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in these discussion sections and extra credit , up to 5%, can be gained in this way. We will also have a web-based discussion forum for the class where you can post questions and discuss topics. Your participation here can also generate extra credit. Text: th or 5 th Editions are fine. Course Contents: This course offers a broad overview of modern astronomy. Our goal is to help you gain an understanding of how the universe works. (see calendar below for detailed subject listing) General Education: AST 1002, Discover the Universe, is a GenEd physical science (P) course. As the list of topics above demonstrates, the course covers not only the Universe and the bodies in it -- planets, moons, stars, galaxies, etc. -- but also how we know about those things, making use of our understanding of the underlying physics of orbits and radiation.
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Class Expectations and Obligations: Prepare for each class - We will provide lecture notes on the class web site. Reading assignments for each class are given each lecture. You must complete the reading assignment and read the latest posted notes before each lecture. Participate in lectures - In order to stimulate critical thinking and gauge how well you understand the material, we will ask you questions based on the lectures and reading assignments. You should participate in the lecture by answering these questions and also asking
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syllabus_fall09 - Discover the Universe AST1002 Section...

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