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ABET Questionnaire CIS/CEN 4914 Senior Design Fall 2011 This questionnaire will help us assess how we are improving Senior Design course with respect to your achievements and our accreditation requirements. Completion is mandatory for all students enrolled in CIS4914, beginning in Fall Semester 2005. Items in brackets ([ ]) are for faculty only. Please use MS-Word to fill in your questionnaire, print it out, and make it the LAST PAGE of your Final Report (does not count toward 11-page maximum length FinRpt). NO HANDWRITING PLS Student Name ______________________________ Last Four Digits of UFID: __ __ __ __ 1. What was your Senior Design project about? (1-2 sentences) Answer: 2. What impact do you think a project or topic like this has on your responsibilities re:
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Unformatted text preview: engineering in particular, and on society in general? (2-3 sentences) [AB Out f)] Answer: 3. What impact does your project, or research in the area of your project, have on the global community in general, and on our society in particular? (1-3 sentences) [AB Out h)] Answer: 4. How important would it be to continue learning about engineering, upgrading your skills throughout your lifetime of employment? Why is this important? (1-2 sentences) [AB Out i] Answer: 5. What contemporary issues in society and computer science/engineering do you see as being related to your project, or its topical area? (1-3 sentences) [AB Out j] Answer:...
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