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ABET Forms, Grading Forms – CEN4914 Senior Design, CISE Summer 2006 A. Summary of Contents This packet of four sheets of pape r contains the following forms: 1. Description of Advisor Criteria for Senior Project (this page, please read) 2. Advisor’s Grading Form and ABET Outcomes Questionnaire – to be completed by the Project Advisor 3. Student Questionnaire for ABET Outcomes ( to be completed by student ) 4. ABET Outcomes Summary Sheet -- to be completed by the Course Coordinator (CISE Department) B. Information for Students Students please do the following, and check off the boxes when complete: Write your name and last four digits of your UFID on the next three pages, and only in the spaces provided, then Complete the Student Questionnaire using MS-Word (no handwriting, please). Answer the questions in complete sentences. Give this packet to your Project Advisor to complete the Advisor Grading Form, per the following instructions, then Give this packet to the Course Coordinator at the time of your Final Presentation. The Course Coordinator will complete the ABET Form (p. 4). C. Description of Advisor Grading Criteria for CISE Department Projects It is respectfully requested that the advisor return a score for the final report and project combined. The composite score contains the following components, explained below: Completeness of Project . .... 10 points Complexity of Project . .... 10 points Quality of Results . .... 10 points Quality of Final Report . .... 20 points ---------------------------------------------- Total Score 50 points Completeness refers to the percent completion. For example, a project that is 60 percent complete would be scored 6/10 in the completeness category. Complexity
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CEN-4914-Outcomes-Assessment-Form-CISE - ABET Forms,...

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