CEN-4914-Outcomes-Assessment-Form-ECE - ABET Forms, Grading...

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Unformatted text preview: ABET Forms, Grading Forms CEN4914 Senior Design, ECE Summer 2006 A. Summary of Contents This packet of four sheets of paper contains the following forms: 1. Introductory Sheet (this page, please read) 2. Course Instructors Grading Form to be completed by the Instructor 3. Student Questionnaire for ABET Outcomes (to be completed by student ) 4. ABET Outcomes Summary Sheet -- to be completed by the Course Instructor and staff (ECE Department) B. Information for Students Students please do the following, and check off the boxes when complete: Write your name and last four digits of your UFID on the following three pages, only in the spaces provided. Complete the Student Questionnaire. Answer each question with 1-3 complete sentences, as noted in the instruction for each question. Give the completed Student Questionnaire and the ABET Outcomes Form with your Name and UFID[5:8] to your Course Instructor . Do not keep the pages past the time of your presentation. Thank you for your participation in Senior Design. CEN 4914 Senior Design -- Advisor Grading Form for Senior Projects in the ECE Department Semester (circle one): FALL SPRING SUMMER Year: _________ Student Name ________________________ UF-ID[5:8] __ __ __ __ Team Name ________________________ Design Project Title ________________________ Part 1. Course Instructor and Staff, p lease score as indicated: Task Initials Date Grade Design Review Completed...
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CEN-4914-Outcomes-Assessment-Form-ECE - ABET Forms, Grading...

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