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CIS/CEN4914 Senior Design CISE Department Fall 2011 Advisor's Evaluation of Student Project & Performance It is respectfully requested that the advisor return a score for the final report and project combined. The composite score contains the following components, explained below: Completeness of Project . .... 10 points Complexity of Project . .... 10 points Quality of Results ..... 10 points Quality of Final Report . .... 20 points ---------------------------------------------- Total Score Possible 50 points Completeness refers to the percent completion. For example, a project that is 60 percent complete would be scored 6/10 in the completeness category. Complexity - Projects should be significantly complex. A significant project is one that is novel, well-developed, and useful to the project advisor. For example, a project that involves merely rewriting code or making a single Web page with few innovative features is not considered complex. In contrast, a major database system with Web
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This note was uploaded on 01/20/2012 for the course CIS 4914 taught by Professor Desimone during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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CIS-CEN-4914-Fall2011-ABET-AdvisorScore-Form - CIS/CEN4914...

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