spr09_ex2 - STA 6127 – Spring 2009 – Exam 2 PRINT Name

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Unformatted text preview: STA 6127 – Spring 2009 – Exam 2 PRINT Name ______________________________________ True or False: A study is conducted to compare the effects of three methods of warming up on performance in trained athletes. Samples of 15 males and 15 females who are varsity athletes are selected, and five of each are randomly assigned to each method. The response measured was a performance score on a skills test for each athlete. The primary research goal is to determine whether method effects differ, and whether they are “consistent” among males and females. This design is best described as a 2-Way ANOVA. The purpose of multiple comparison methods (like Bonferroni’s) is to construct a set of simultaneous confidence intervals so that all intervals contain the true parameter with (1- α )100% confidence. This involves decreasing the confidence level of each individual interval to (1- α C)100%, where C =the number of simultaneous confidence intervals being constructed. When we conduct an Analysis of Covariance, and there is an interaction, the differences among the means of any pair of treatment groups is the same at each level of the covariate X . When we run an experiment as a Randomized Block Design, our goal is to compare g groups/treatments while removing block variation. The general effect is to make it easier groups/treatments while removing block variation....
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spr09_ex2 - STA 6127 – Spring 2009 – Exam 2 PRINT Name

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