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CHM2211Dolbier - Work as many as you can To succeed in this...

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CHM 2211 Section 0770 Organic Chemistry Spring Semester 2012 Instructor: W.R. Dolbier, Jr.: 428 Sisler Hall; 392-0591 [email protected] Lecture: MWF, Period 4 (10:40 11:30 am) in Flint 50 Text: Brown, Foote, Iverson & Anslyn: Organic Chemistry , 6 th edition Office Hours: M,W, 2-3 pm (428 Sisler Hall) See also the UF E-Learning website for this course Key Dates: Monday, January 9 th Classes start. Monday, January 16 th MLK holiday March 5 9 Spring Break Wednesday, April 25 th Classes end Tentatively scheduled dates for Exams: Wednesday, February 8 th Exam #1 - Chapters 15-17 (25.1-25.2) Monday, March 19 th Exam #2 - Chapters 18-20 Monday, April 23 rd Exam #3 - Chapters 21-24 Final Exam: Wednesday, May 2nd, 12:30-2:30 pm, comprehensive All problems within the chapters and at the end of chapters are assigned.
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Unformatted text preview: Work as many as you can To succeed in this course you must read and study chapters, attend class, work problems and attend office hours when needed. Test Packets will be available at Target Copy. Grading Policy: Grades will be determined entirely on the basis of the three progress exams plus the final exam. Each exam will be worth 100 pts and the final exam will be worth 150 pts. A curve of 80% A, 65% B, and 50% C will be considered “normal”, but each exam will be individually evaluated and curved with this information being provided when the exams are returned. All students that have an A grade (numerically) after the three progress exams will be exempted from the final exam. ....
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