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CH 3 C CHCH 3 CH 3 1.BH 3 2.H 2 O 2 , NaOH 1.O 3 2.(CH 3 ) 2 S H O O Cl 2 Cl Cl 1.(sia) 2 BH 2.H 2 O 2 , NaOH OH OH + 2 NaNH 2 H O HO Chem 2210 Fall 2010 LAST name, first _______________________________ *Wagener Quiz 5 ** Write all answers in the provided space. UFID______________________ 1. Fill the boxes with the appropriate starting material, reagent or product (10 pts each). Example 6.9(a) p.229 Example 6.12(b) p.234 Problem 7.3(a) p.262 Or Page 267 2. True or False (Write T or F) (10pts each). a- The reduction of an alkene to an alkane is an exothermic process.
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Unformatted text preview: T Page 236 part B.1 b-The heat of hydrogenation of a trans alkene is higher than that of the cis alkene. F Page 237 part B.3 c-The hydrogen bonded to a triply bonded carbon atom of a terminal alkyne can be removed by a strong base. Page 259 7.4 first paragraph T 3. Complete the following synthesis (20pts). page 259 and 260 page 268-269 1. NaNH 2 2. Br HC CH O + H 2 O H 2 SO 4 HgSO 4...
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