CHM2211L - GENERAL INFORMATION CHEM 2211L Organic Chemistry...

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GENERAL INFORMATION CHEM 2211L – Organic Chemistry Laboratory (2 credits) Room 238 Leigh Hall Spring 2012 Teaching Assistant to be assigned during first laboratory meeting Faculty Coordinator Dr. Tammy A. Davidson, Sisler 429B (352) 392-9134, [email protected] Please use email if you need to arrange an appointment Websites Please see Sakai site ( ) Co-/Pre-Requisites CHM 2211 lecture is a co- or pre-requisite for CHM 2211L. In order to be enrolled in CHM 2211L, you must have already completed and passed CHM 2211, or you must be currently registered for CHM 2211. If you drop CHM2211 before completing half of this lab course, you will also need to drop the lab. CHM 2211L meets twice a week in room 238/238A of Leigh Hall. The general objectives of this course are to introduce you to some common laboratory techniques and equipment used in an organic chemistry laboratory, to help you gain understanding and proficiency in their use, to help you explore the process of doing organic chemistry, and to illustrate some representative examples of the useful and important reactions you are learning in CHM 2211 lecture. LABS BEGIN ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18 WITH THE 3:00PM SESSION (ATTEND YOUR REGULAR SESSION) On the first day of lab, you must have the following items with you to check into the lab: o Lab Manual, 2011-2012 edition (Hayden-McNeil, ISBN: 978-0-7380-4739-3) o Lab Notebook – spiral or permanent bound with pre-numbered carbonless duplicate pages (50 pages should be plenty for most students) o Approved Safety Glasses/Goggles o Proper Attire You must be wearing department approved safety glasses or goggles and be properly attired to be admitted to the laboratory at all times, even on the first day of lab. Please check the display case outside of Leigh 238 or links on the Sakai site for information on attire and the types of eye protection approved for use in this lab. Anyone without the necessary materials (listed above), the proper safety glasses, or who is inappropriately attired will not be allowed in the lab. Please read through the policy information in this syllabus before coming to the first lab and refer to it to answer your questions throughout the semester. FIRST DAY OF LAB – CHECKING IN On the first day of lab, you will be assigned to a lab bay, meet your TA, and be assigned to your laboratory workstation. The combination to the lock on your personal workstation drawer and is written on the back of the index card for your workstation. Please write this combination down in both your lab manual and lab notebook. Complete and sign the Safety Form and the Lecture Information sheet (found in the “Forms” section of the Lab Manual), and turn them in with your index card and other completed check-in papers at the stockroom window. The lab fee that you pay when you register for this course covers only the expendable items that you use during the
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CHM2211L - GENERAL INFORMATION CHEM 2211L Organic Chemistry...

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