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Quiz 6 Key - Carbocation stabilization needed(more details...

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BME 201,   Quiz 6,   Sep. 8, 2011 Name:__________ Explain the main differences between SN1 and SN2 reactions (as discussed in class). Draw molecules if necessary. Use no more than 3 sentences for your answer. Some keywords that should appear: SN1: Highly polarized transition state Opposite charges are better separated in polar solvent (page 258)
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Unformatted text preview: Carbocation stabilization needed (more details on page 260) Potential energy diagram shows that reaction takes place in 2 steps (page 255) SN2: Bimolecular nucleoplilic substitution Two molecules in the transition state Only one transition state (page 255) SN2 takes place in one step, see potential energy diagram (page 255)...
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