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Quiz 20 Key - because the adsorbed water enables it to...

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BME 201,   Quiz 20,   Nov.  1, 2011 Name:__________ Why does cartilage contain proteoglycans?                     Proteoglycans bind      cations      ( sodium potassium  and  calcium ) and      water     Water is absorbed  on the glycosaminoglycans, attracted by the many negative charges. Proteoglycans serve as lubricants . Aggrecan can cushion compressive forces
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Unformatted text preview: because the adsorbed water enables it to spring back after having been deformed. When pressure is exerted, as when the foot hits the ground while walking, water is squeezed from the glycosaminoglycan, cushioning the impact. When the pressure is released, the water rebinds. Thus aggrecan serves as shock adsorber ....
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