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Quiz%203 - c Free rotation about the bond d Expanded bond...

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Quiz no. 3 Name:_______________________ 1. What do van der Waals forces best help to predict? a. The physical properties of alkanes. b. The chemical properties of organic molecules. c. The molecular mass of alkanes. d. The intermolecular forces between molecules. Answer: A 2. What common factor do single bonds possess that multiple bonds do not?
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Unformatted text preview: c. Free rotation about the bond. d. Expanded bond length between the carbon atoms. Answer: C 3. How is rotation about a single bond hindered? a. By immersing the material in a cold temperature environment. b. By putting the molecule in an eclipsed conformation. c. By increasing the torsional strain as a molecule becomes smaller. d. By steric hindrance when the adjacent substituent is larger and bulkier than a hydrogen atom. Answer: D...
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