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Key Quiz 5 Sept7, 2010 1. What defines an organic compound as an alcohol? a. The presence of at least one oxygen atom. b. The presence of an -OH group. c. The presence of a double bond. d. The replacement of a halogen with an -OH group. Answer: B 2. What intermolecular force enhances the water solubility of alcohols? a. Coulombic attractions. b. Dipole interactions. c. van der Waals forces.
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Unformatted text preview: d. Hydrogen bonding. Answer: D 3. Why are alcohols considered amphoteric? a. Because they can lose a proton into solvents. b. Because of the lone pairs of electrons on the oxygen atom. c. Because they can be both acidic or basic, depending upon their environment. d. Because they can form alkoxonium ions. Answer: C...
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