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Quiz%207 - Answer C Phenol is a weak acid and strong base...

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3. Why do phenols exist in the enol form? a. They don’t; rather, they exist deprotonated. b. Because of ring strain in the benzene. c. Because of the acidity of the phenolic hydrogen. d. Aromatic stabilization of the benzene ring. Answer: D 4. Why is the oxygen atom of phenols relatively strongly basic? a. Because of the planarity of the benzene ring. b. Because of the lack of steric hindrance at the oxygen. c. Because of resonance stabilization. d. It isn’t; rather, it is weakly basic.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: C Phenol is a weak acid and strong base. Though the ring makes it a stronger acid then other alcohols it is still not nearly a strong acid which would make it an inherently weak base. (ie strong acid means it is a weak base and weak base means it is a strong acid). 5. What is the product of the esterification of a phenol? a. A phenyl etherate. b. A phenyl alkanoate. c. A benzyl etherate. d. A benzyl alkanoate. Answer: B...
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