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Quiz Sept. 23, 2010 Name:______________ What is another name for the benzenamines? a. The anilines. b. The lactams. c. The alkanamines. d. The diamines. Answer: A How can the hydrogen bond formed by amines best be described? a. As stronger than those formed by alcohols. b. As more polar than those formed by alcohols or carbonyls. c. As weaker than those formed by alcohols. d. Amines do not form hydrogen bonds.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: C Why is the nitrogen of aniline less basic than that of an amine on a saturated cyclic hydrocarbon? a. Because of the flexibility of the aromatic ring. b. Because it has two hydrogens attached to it directly. c. Resonance stabilization from the nitrogen through the ring. d. It isnt; rather, it is more basic. Answer: C...
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