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Feb. 6 Lecture - Introduction to Art History February 6...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Art History February 6, 2008 Lecture Art of the High and Late Roman Empire In 96 CE, Dimition was murdered. Cival unrest followed but a few years later Trajan came to power (first non- Italian to throne (Spainish)). The Huge open square surrounded by columns and a basilica in the front. The basilica was 400 feet long and 200 feet wide. The column of Trajan is 128 feet high and on top there was a nude Trajan yet in the Ren. St. Peter was put on top. This is the first example of a spiral freize and includes over 125 stories. After Trajan died in 117 Hadrian took the throne. He was also Spanish and he was also very interested in huge public building projects. He built the Pantheon (for the Gods). Rome with the invention of concrete moved from arches to the dome. The ground is actually rising in Rome (the Pantheon was meant to be above everything). It is 142 feet across and 142 feet to the bottom. The dome was meant to be the heavens. Coffers were necessary because the weight of the concrete would have was meant to be the heavens....
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