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cb test2 - Marketing 3596 Fall 2010 Identify four of the...

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Marketing 3596 Fall 2010 Identify four of the following terms (20 points). a. Viral marketing b. Informational influence c. Classical conditioning is a “learning theory centered on creating associations between meaningful objects or ideas to elicit desired responses.” Marketers can use this theory to create multiple connections a consumer might have to a brand. For example, a fast food marketer might play a certain song during a commercial showcasing the restaurant’s menu. When the viewer sees the commercial, they are likely to become hungry. The unconditioned stimulus, the food, is paired with the conditioned stimulus, the song. The consumer’s response of hunger to seeing the food in the commercial would be considered an unconditioned response, but if the consumer were to become hungry by simply hearing the same song played in the commercial, his response would be considered conditioned. Marketers can use this approach to find multiple ways of raising brand awareness and positive associations
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