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DECISION 2 - MKTG 2101 NewShoes – Decision Form MARKET...

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NewShoes: MARKET DECISION # 2 (Complete both sides for EACH Decision Period) MKTG 2101 – Section #: 001 Industry #: 2 Company Name/Letter: RunIt/D Leader’s Name: Jason Martinez Submission Date: COMPANY DECISION (Use whole numbers unless indicated otherwise) Home Domestic Foreign Region Region Region Price (dollars and cents) 85.99 80.99 Consumer Advertising 1,600,000 1,600,000 Consumer Sales Promotions 950,000 800,000 # of Salespeople 5 6 Dealer Sales Promotions 950,000 850,000 Product Development 1,5000,000 Contract Bid (Dollars & Cents) EXPLANATION ( Briefly describe the reasoning behind your team’s decision for this period. How do these choices relate to your team’s Strategy?) Our team decided to lower the price of the shoes and invest more money on advertising, consumer promotions and dealer promotion, to get more market share on our industry. We also decided to enter the domestic region to try to expand our bottom line.
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Unformatted text preview: MKTG 2101: NewShoes – Decision Form 1/19/2012 MARKET RESEARCH REQUESTS (Mark A for average, R for range, D for detail; Cost $10,000 for each A or R, $25,000 each D) Home Domestic Foreign Region Region Region Price D-25,000 D-25,000 Advertising D-25,000 D-25,000 Consumer Sales Promotions # of Salespeople Dealer Sales Promotions Briefly explain why you chose these categories and $ amounts of research. Our team decided to buy the detail market research for the price of the shoes, because we wanted to be aware and have insight information of how the rest of the teams in our industry were pricing their shoes. We also believe that knowing how much each team was spending on advertising was a good way to benchmark ourselves MKTG 2101: NewShoes – Decision Form 1/19/2012...
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