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Eni Notes - (+) January/February 2003 Eni finalized its...

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Unformatted text preview: (+) January/February 2003 Eni finalized its acquisitions of Fortum Petroleum, a Norwegian oil and gas company, for 1.1 billion euros and for 56% of Italgas, an Italian distribution company. Eni also purchased a service station network in Spain and four Hungarian gas distribution companies. (pg1) (?) Increased upstream output would be supported by downstream expansion (pg1) (-) Oil is a commodity, prices change (pg1) (-) Any world economic slowdown would undermine energy prices (pg1) (-) Concern over the environment impact of fossil fuels represents an additional source of uncertainty (pg1) (-) Lacked the size and international scope of the supermajors Exxon Mobil, BP Amoco, TotalFinaElf, and ChevronTexaco (pg1) (+) Mincato is determined to avoid large scale mergers and acquisitions, and wants to grow organically and in an orderly manner. If the company were to continue to outperform its larger rivals, it would need to continue to hone a strategy that exploited its distinctive differences, and...
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