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Final Syllabus

Final Syllabus - Sociology 3242 Section 1 Fall 2011 Social...

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Sociology 3242 Section 1, Fall 2011 Prof. Mary Stricker Social Construction of Race & Ethnicity Office: GH754, 204-0135 GH 748 [email protected] T,TH 3:30-4:50 pm Hours: M: 10:30-11:30; T,TH: 12:30-1: 30, And By Appt. Course Description This course is designed to familiarize students with the social constructionist theory(ies) of race and ethnicity in the United States. We will look at how the social constructionist perspective examines the formation of racial and ethnic identities, institutions, and everyday interactions . Identity construction will be the primary focus of students’ research. These formations are intimately and messily (yes, messily!) connected to constructions of class, gender, sexuality, nation, and religion. We will do our best, given time constraints, to grapple with each of these connections. This is an upper level sociology course meaning we will be engaging in upper level work, both in thought and in practice. That is, I will be asking you to think and write deeply and carefully about the issues raised in our readings. The required reading for this course comes from journal articles. You will not get thru this course if you simply skim these articles—I’m not kidding. In addition to developing your thinking and writing on these issues, I will be asking you to speak frequently and willingly in the classroom about your deep and careful thoughts and words. In this course, you are a player, not a bench warmer. Pedagogical/Teaching Approach This course is designed to encourage what might be referred to as a reflexive approach to analyzing the social construction of race and ethnicity. A reflexive approach requires an “awareness of the self as an indispensable avenue to awareness of the social world” (Gouldner, 1970). With this approach in mind, I will be urging students, as C. Wright Mills did in The Sociological Imagination , “to use your life experience in your intellectual work; continually to examine and interpret it”. This approach will be formalized through an autoethnographic research project. Hopefully, this project will prove to be personally and intellectually rewarding and empowering. Classroom Expectations I expect you to bring readings to all classes. I expect you to come to class on time and remain here until class is over. I expect you to participate in class while being aware of your peers’ need to do the same. I expect you to know when assignments are due and what readings are required. The syllabus is your friend.
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I expect you to have read the readings by the Tuesday of the week they are assigned, unless I say otherwise. I expect you to take notes in class. If you must miss class, it is your responsibility to get notes from ANOTHER STUDENT—not from me. I expect you to TURN OFF your cell phones before class begins unless you are waiting for an emergency phone call, in which case you should notify me before class begins. Do NOT text during class. Do NOT text during class. Do NOT text during class.
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Final Syllabus - Sociology 3242 Section 1 Fall 2011 Social...

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