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Goal of Management - management does not prevail over...

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Cassie Carbaugh Professor Riemer Leading People at Work September 6, 2011 Overall Goal of Management The key to an organization’s success is employing and retaining focused and talented employees. Therefore, the overall goal of management is to fortify strong relationships with individual employees, motivate and provide feedback, as well as provide a positive environment to ensure quality work effort. Without direction and leadership, an organization would be chaotic. Management is essential to instill order and provide guidance for employees. One style of
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Unformatted text preview: management does not prevail over another. However, it is imperative for a manager to show leadership qualities, understand the needs of his/her employees, and adapt to new situations that arise. Managers are not only responsible for their own efforts and duties, but are also responsible for the work of their employees. All in all, successful management equates to a successful company....
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