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Background information on The computer Recycling center. In 2003, The Temple University Computer Recycling Center began as an initiative that aided in the disposal and redeployment of the unused university technological equipment with hopes of creating a greener outlook for the way we dispose of our technology for the future. While the computer recycling center has several goals, the mission of the computer recycling center is to, “gather old computer equipment from around the university, refurbish that equipment if possible, redeploy the equipment where appropriate, donate any unwanted usable equipment and lastly arrange for the proper disposal of all unusable equipment and scrap”. Some of the subtle underlining goals of the CRC are to extend a helping hand to the Philadelphia community and financially struggling university departments by refurbishing the existing unwanted equipment and then redeploying the equipment out to those who would otherwise not
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Unformatted text preview: have access to technological equipment. An impetrative step prior to making these donations, however, is to clear out personal data from the equipment. Data security, according to Jonathan Latko, is also a primary goal for the computer recycling center. Now, more than ever, it is important to protect individuals’ personal information that they input into their technology. Such information as confidential health information, personal contacts, and other classified information can be detrimental if released into the wrong hands. The steps made on behalf of the computer recycling center to clear out this personal data out of used equipment is valuable to, not only, the users who used the equipment but also to the University, who could endure countless issues if they were found responsible for releasing the information. Discuss awards...
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