Katie O - away. It also shows you what pages the viewers...

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Katie O’Kane MIS 2101 Mart Doyle Project 3: Phase 3 Google Analytics Google Analytics gives you a better understanding of how viewers see your website. It shows you how they found your site, what pages are most popular, if viewers find your site interesting, and how many people are viewing your site. Your sites total number of visit shows how popular your site is. It demonstrates if you are broadcasting yourself enough or if you are waiting for viewers to come to you. Your bounce rate is maybe the most important because it shows if your site catches your viewers’ attention and if the information given is relevant to why they are looking at your site. If your bounce rate is low then your information is intriguing and viewers are interested in learning more, instead of just clicking the site and exiting out right
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Unformatted text preview: away. It also shows you what pages the viewers are visiting most. With this information you can find out what pages are most popular and why. Maybe viewers like the more personal pages or the pages with pictures. You could take this information and make your less popular pages more interesting like the others. If your bounce rate is high then maybe you could redo your welcoming page to make it more eye-catching and add links directly in the welcome post to lead viewers into reading more. If your total visits are low then maybe it is time to send more emails and get more viewers and start really broadcasting yourself to more types of viewers. Send the link to your site to more companies and more family members and start getting some more feedback and start getting more companies interested in you....
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Katie O - away. It also shows you what pages the viewers...

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