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BA 4196 Spring 2011 MEMO ASSESSMENT FORM Below is the set of criteria by which your individual memo will be evaluated. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU CHECK OR “X” EACH LINE ITEM (at an underscore), INDICATING THAT YOU HAVE BEEN RESPONSIVE OR NOT RESPECTIVELY TO THAT CRITERION (see the checklist for further instructions). DO THE SAME WITH THE MEMO CHECKLIST (on a separate page). Your name should NOT appear anywhere on this form or the checklist. Staple this form and the checklist to your completed memo. If all is in order, you get +5 points. Student No. (only last four digits):________________________ Section: _____ Overall memo presentation (20) (15) (10) (5) (0 ) ___ Logical structure exhibiting critical thinking ___Business report style (not like library research report) ___Use of headings/subheads/paragraphs within text ___Good English usage Front/cover page with Executive Summary (E.S.) (10) (5) (0 ) ___Proper salutation (DATE, TO, FROM, SUBJECT,) ___Clear identification of memo objective/purpose in E.S. ___Most important elements of memo contents in E.S. Introduction section at the beginning of memo proper
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Memo_Evaluation_Form_and_Checklist_Spring_2011-1 - BA 4196...

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