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Respondant Intro to metal? How long listened? What else listen to? Sub Genres Attending concerts Supporting live music Been to msic festival? Philadelphia for a concert? Mode of transportation? Most important Metal Bands Bands to see at Festival importance of tix cost local bands at festival Gener Age 1 a sibling More than 10 years Progressive Rock Progressive Once a month Very important Yes Yes Car Meshugga Periphery Slightly important Yes Male Fel Silent Architects UK Periphery Born of Osiris 2 a friend 4- 6 years Classical, Rap/hiphop,pop Traditional, Trash, Death,Folk, Once a month Very important No Yes Train Lamb of God Lamb of God Slightly Important No Male Electronic, Classic Rock, Folk, Power, Progressive, Opeth Opeth Blue, Indie Symphonic 3 a friend 7-9 years Classic Rock, Folk, Traditional, Power, one to four times a year Very important Yes Yes Train Opeth Opeth Slightly important Yes Male Alternative Progressive Porcupine Tree Porcupine Tree Katatonia Katatonia 4 a friend 7-9 years Electronic/dance Folk one to four times a year Very important No Yes Train Lamb of God Lamb of God Important Yes Male Tribal Korpiklaani Korpiklaani Gojira Gojira 5 I discovered it on 4- years Classical, Pop, Electronic, Progressive, one to four times a year Very important No Yes Car Opeth Tool Important Yes Male my own Classic Rock, Folk, Blues Folk, Black Devin Townsend Devin Townsend Other Mastadon Opeth 6 a friend 7-9 years Classical, Folk, Jazz Death, Black one to four times a year Very important No Yes Car Black Sabbath Arturus Very Important Yes Male Progressive Venom Emperor Death Opeth 7 a friend 4-6 years Classic Rock, Blues, Traditional Very Important No Yes Train Black Sabbath Kreator Slightly important No Male Alternative Thrash Diamond Head Gamma Ray Slayer 8 I discovered in on 7-9 years Rap/hiphop Death Once a month Very Important
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