Ritz- - Ritz-Carlton Hotels implemented the Seven...

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Ritz-Carlton Hotels implemented the Seven DaysCcountdown process that consists of gathering all of the new employees during seven days in order to get ready for the opening of the new hotel. This process was implemented because of several reasons. First of all, the standardization of the process increases the efficiency of that process. Moreover every employee receives the same information than the other so everybody knows what the other is doing. This process lasts only seven days. It seems short but in fact it is the perfect timeframe, it is sufficient to prepare the employees to meet the standards of the Ritz-Carlton. Indeed, in the first two days, they feed the new employees with the value and the culture of the Ritz-Carlton company, in order to have everybody sharing the same goal. After those two days, it becomes more specific training concerning skills. But the important thing in this training is that new employees will be very attentive and receptive to the information and the training because this is a new job for them and they want to do well. Also, it is a big emotional experience and so this is the easiest way to reach them deeply and to teach them a new culture and a way of working. The first day of Ritz- Carlton seven days countdown consists of introducing the company, gathering every new employee, and teach them the values and culture of the company. Indeed, a company cannot be successful if each employee look at different directions. They have to follow
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Ritz- - Ritz-Carlton Hotels implemented the Seven...

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