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Robin McDowel1

Robin McDowel1 - Robin McDowell 3rd Analysis Paper BA 3102...

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Robin McDowell 3 rd Analysis Paper BA 3102 December 7, 2011 1. Use the information contained in the assigned readings for week 5, to discuss at least 3 of the concepts in terms of how they impact your actions and behaviors, and how (if at all) your reaction to this information has changed over the course of the semester. Bounded Ethicality- Focuses on the psychological processes that lead even good people to engage in ethically questionable behavior that contradicts their own preferred ethics. After learning this term of ethical behavior I believe that this may be more frequent in nature then people might think. When people are in a situation where others are acting unethically it is easy to overlook the bad behavior and engage in the acts yourself. I believe this is especially true when dealing with a hierarchy. For example, when you are just entering high school in 9 th or 10 th grade you look up to the seniors. You want to be “cool” and want them to like you so you may do things that you normally would not be expected to do. I believe this simple adolescent example can translate into the world of business as well. When entering a new job you want to look good and have others, maybe those who have been there the longest, to respect and notice you. This can cause lapse of good judgment and create a path of common unethical behavior because the other older colleagues are partaking in it as well. One example from my work history is from when I used to work at a local family run pharmacy and cards and gifts store in the heart of my home town. Security was scarce and I had coworkers that took advantage of the lack of discipline. One of the main attractions in the store
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