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Supply - Table of Contents Stock-keeping unit(SKU Order...

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Table of Contents Stock-keeping unit (SKU) Page 2 Order Point Page 3 Review Time Page 3 Shrinkage Page 4 Sell-Through Analysis Page 4
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Nolan’s Finest Foods competitive edge in the market seeks an abundant amount of opportunity for consumers. It is a one-stop shopping retailer that offers both food and pharmaceuticals of high quality at competitive pricing. The retail chain will be introducing ten new stores and has seen success but wants to go further into strategic planning of its items and is now looking into category management. Category management will be used as a means to compare their edge and ranking in a specific market, and in this case the Shampoo market. While the market seems to be increasingly improving, the retail store finds itself at a slight disadvantage with overall company sales and improvement falling beneath the national average. The director of strategic planning, Roberto Ignacio, needs to focus on stock-keeping unit (SKU), order point, review time, shrinkage, and sell-through analysis in order to accurately compare the company’s sales and ranking with the total market. It’s important to note that all markets are going to need to be much more cautious with planning because of the recent economic state and buyers, specially the millennial generation who many marketers are hoping to gain their customer loyalty from, are buying at a lower rate than normal because they have previously been accustomed to getting what they want but the recession has forced them to actually only get what they need, and it would be a plus if it’s at low cost (Brown, 2010).
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