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(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Week 3 Lab

(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Week 3 Lab - Lab Week 3 Action...

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Lab Week 3 Action 1 : What is refraction? What is reflection? -Reflection is the change in direction of a wave at an crossing point where the wave hits solid physical matter, causing the wave to return into the medium from which it originated -When waves travel from one medium to another, it’s speed and wavelength changes, but the frequency stays constant. The change in speed that occurs when the wave passes from the one medium to the other causes the wave to bend, or refract at the crossing point. Action 2 : Describe how you would present a fiber-optic cable upgrade to the VP of Information systems with your recommendations for improvement over standard cable. I know your desire to communicate at the highest level and quality, it’s only logical in view of the future and development of your company .The medium is perhaps the single most important long-term investment you can made in your network. Your choice of cable will influence the network speed and the capability of your network to meet future needs.
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